Experts warn: the British threaten the whole world to relax

Epidemiologists and government advisors from around the world held a virtual conference on Friday and agreed that the lifting of British restrictions threatens the entire world. Speaking of the incident, 1,200 scientists earlier signed an open letter in the Lancet medical journal criticizing the British government’s easing on Monday.

The British government earlier announced that most restrictions would be lifted from Monday, with Boris Johnson saying the process was irreversible after previous delays. According to the Prime Minister, it is time to relax before the weather turns cold and the school year begins.

At Friday’s event, Christina Bagel, director of clinical research at the University of California, London, said there is a risk of a new species emerging in the world early in the summer. According to him, whatever boom spreads in the UK, it will spread all over the world because London is a global travel hub.

The UK is not only putting itself at risk, everyone is affected by what they do

Bagel noted.

Michael Baker, an adviser to the New Zealand government, confirmed that he was shocked by the move by the British government to “abandon herd immunity”. And that hasn’t happened anywhere in the world yet, so it’s a dangerous move.

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