Expected evidence from the FBI, contraband and other illegally owned items in Donald Trump in Florida

Expected evidence from the FBI, contraband and other illegally owned items in Donald Trump in Florida

The statement made by an FBI agent when he sought a warrant to search former US President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago was released without prior notice. FBI Trump’s Florida estate was occupied on August 8a total of fifteen chests, including many classified and top-secret documents, were taken from there, which could not have left the White House area.



The court did not want the statement to be made public for a long time, and said that it was necessary to protect witnesses and participants in the investigation.

“The government has identified certain information that must remain confidential in order to protect the safety of the many civilian witnesses whose information appears in the statement and to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation,” the court wrote.

Thirteen of the thirty-eight-page declarations are obscured, and very little information can be read in the eight pages. It turns out that the FBI agent’s investigation had four purposes.

  • Find out how the documents got out of the White House and came into Trump’s possession.
  • To find out if documents are stored legally in Mar-a-Lago.
  • To find out if other encrypted documents were stored in an illegal place, whether they can go to other sites, and if so, what they are.
  • Identify those who removed or withheld encrypted information without permission.

According to the statement, there is “reasonable reason to believe that evidence, contraband, proceeds of crime or other items unlawfully owned in violation of three federal laws” will be found at the scene.

A local police officer at Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago on August 9, 2022, one day after the FBI raid


The fact that Donald Trump also took classified documents with him when he left the White House, We know him since January. Then the staff of the National Archives indicated that at least fifteen boxes of encrypted documents had been lost.

The legal team of former US President Donald Trump Ask a Florida judge, to suspend investigators appointed by the US Department of Justice and appoint an “independent counsel, special counsel” to oversee the review of records confiscated from the Florida estate. According to them, the Ministry of Justice cannot examine certain documents because they are called under executive privilege, that is, special presidential rights. This is an admission, because documents classified in this way should have remained in the White House anyway, and from there they should have gone to the National Archives.

Trump claims he has done no wrong and has already declassified documents as president. According to him, the investigators were only looking for documents of political value in order to prevent his candidacy for re-election. (BBC)

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