Exclusive Interview: Dee 1 Discusses New Single “Sallie Mae Back”

sallie-mae-back-1-640x350Dee 1 (David Augustine) has recently released a new single “Sallie Mae Back” to commemorate & celebrate paying back his personal student loans. During his exclusive interview with CampusLATELY we asked him how much were his student loans. “That’s what everybody wants to know but I don’t want to tell everyone my financials,” said Dee 1. We get that and it’s pretty smart. He did say “I didn’t receive any scholarships or have family members sending me money while in college.” Like many students he used his loan money to survive, pay bills, and even support his budding music career.

“I wrote this song because I believe I am an example and financial responsibility is important. Where I’m from I could rap and glorify dope and guns or illicit music disrespecting women. But I have a responsibility to do more and educate our youth,” said Dee 1.

What advice do you offer young students who still get those “Sallie Mae” calls?

  1. Never underestimate the value of your hustle. Your passion and purpose should develop you and strengthen your weaknesses.
  2. Approach education knowing it’s a hustle. We are pawns in their game. So while getting your education also focus on networking, connecting and even developing your personal brand.
  3. Do not wait on someone to give it to you, constantly work to get it for yourself .
  4. Do not live above your means.

He closed out with his motto Be Real, Be Righteous, Be Relevant. Wise words to aspire to.

Congrats to anyone else living witin their means and those who have paid off their student loans!!



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