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Exciting picture!  She married Balvin Barbie in Hungary

Exciting picture! She married Balvin Barbie in Hungary

As we already mentioned, several Instagram posts have indicated that the world-famous Hungarian supermodel is going to be a married woman this week. However, it was not possible for us to know that he would say yes to Al-Saeed soon, and in his country. However, thanks to a reader reporter, it has been confirmed: by all indications The wedding took place in a settlement near Budapest, accompanied by a large group of guests. Barbet She was photographed in a beautiful wedding dress as she might be making her way to the ceremony site.

– We had heard earlier that a big event was being prepared nearby, so we went and looked around a bit. We didn’t have to wait long, as during the afternoon we saw the wedding party gathered at the venue. Once we got a glimpse of the bride, she looked gorgeous and took our breath away – inform our reader and, of course, include the photo.

Barbett is photographed in a beautiful dress. Photo: Correspondent Olvaso

A love fit for a fairy tale

About a month ago, news broke that Palvin Barbie was engaged to her beau, Dylan Sprouse, with whom they had been in a relationship for five years. However, it didn’t start off smoothly: The popular supermodel flirted for months and ignored the actor’s advances. But in the end, the ice was broken and since then their love is like a fairy tale. However, no one doubted that the wedding would take place soon.

"bones and all" Red Carpet - 79th Venice International Film Festival
Photo: Image Alliance/Rocco Spaziani

Recently, Barbie and Dylan, as well as the groom’s family and their foreign friends, arrived in Hungary in the strictest secrecy. Even so, the supermodel, hairstylist, and makeup artist loved posting on Day 0 of the ceremony. From the guests’ photos, it was also revealed that Barbie could meet at a settlement near Budapest, which could last until the end of the entire week.

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