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Excited to be able to eat in front of me – Anne Italian

Excited to be able to eat in front of me - Anne Italian

Italy’s Anna took fourth place in the women’s 10km open water swim in Tokyo.

Anna Anna of Italy before the competition at Tokyo Photo (Photo: Hadi Tombash)

“If Paka’s Farkas Pandey did not start this route in 2009, Anna is now not fourth in Tokyo.”

the form!

Partly due to following the father’s advice from András Farkas, Gábor Gellért directed his pupil, Anna Anna, toward swimming in open water, and partly because although the two’s work had success here and there, it is clear that he has really succeeded now.

Italy’s Anna took second place in the 10th kilometer race of the continental race she hosted in May in Hungary – winning her first medal at the World Olympic Games.

Until then it was edited.

Then he won the qualifying test in Setúbal and finally threw in all the burden. “NSMy year has already turned out to be much better than I expected. The Olympics can culminate in everything: I’m in good shape, both physically and mentally, to be able to “run” well here in Tokyo too” Italian Anna said two days before the race.

Ten minutes before the start of the ten kilometer race, Gabor Gellert revealed that he couldn’t close his eyes for a minute at night.

And Anna simply didn’t fall asleep, thank God she could sleep for it. I don’t. But everything is fine. It’s hot, the water is hot too, but we knew it would be, and we were ready for it. If Anna does what we planned, we can To be happy in the end.” whispered mr.

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Anna Italia initially left with a weekly starting number, and she would have been satisfied with that spot in the end, as I thought a top eight was a good result.

He calmed down before the goal by about eight hundred yards.

Until then, the girls curled up in the (warm) water, although such a big wrestling did not develop.

“It is no coincidence Anna from Italy said after that. – The water was so hot that no one wasted their energy fighting.”

However, there was a fight, and perhaps thanks to the warm water and warm air, almost no one had been driving for a long time.

By the way, Anna from Italy took every run in the lead, and in each of the seven rounds, she learned from her coach how many places she was.

“You are the eighth, there is a big gap behind you, far from the field!”

Well, that’s when Anna Italy calmed down, and she swam here freely!

And thirsty.

very thirsty

… during … (Photo: Tombach Al-Hadi)

“I didn’t update as much as I did in this race and expected the feed to come in round seven as well. But it didn’t come, and the Brazilian Kona was already the Brazilian lead for quite some time. I watched it, because I knew if he didn’t go to the feeding point, he shouldn’t mine too, because that, in the end, would have been a huge disadvantage.” Italian commented.

So go ahead.

And as agreed, it switched to turbo speed.

On the beach, meters are gathered at the foot of the Gábor Gellért, in the waters of the Italian Anna.

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fourth place.




complete happiness.

Because he got fourth place.

“It was very hot… Anna of Italy started her rhyme at the end of the race. – It wasn’t easy to swim in such warm water, the tempo changes were more difficult, but we were prepared for it. When I found out I was in the top eight and couldn’t finish the race in a worse place, I really calmed down. So I didn’t go for her hair scrunchie, but with every placement better as a gift. I have known the girls in front of me for a long time, and I saw that their movements were no longer sincere. He was so excited I could eat them – it kept my soul inside me. The Brazilian girl deserves the gold medal very much. I’m happy with fourth place.”

…and then (Photo: Tombach Al-Hadi)

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