Exatlon: Isn't anyone waiting for Andras to return to the Champions?

Exatlon: Isn’t anyone waiting for Andras to return to the Champions?

It is better that András Virág does not hear the conversations about him, because almost no one expects a return from the duel against his potential opponent.

Not many people sympathize with the way the heroes treat Andres in the Exatlon Hungary All Star season, which is understandable because they cross the line from time to time. They talk about him as a player who is not him and does not feel aggressive on the court at all, even after a failed race.

However, they find him one by one, saying that he overreacts already, even though he does nothing to justify it. It’s like they’re simply inflating the thing while Andres can’t be himself.

It doesn’t affect your performance much, and it would be better to focus on yourself because you seem unable to meet your teammates. In fact, almost no one would wait after the duel, as Danny would probably be his opponent, but not even against Zuzu.

Exatlon-Anna took off the veil from what many were doing on Instagram

David Toth, who has scored very few points for his team so far and is receiving heavy criticism from spectators, feels that if Danny becomes an opponent of Andras, the BMX star would be better off staying.

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