Exatlon Hungary All Star: Laszlo Balek's successor filmed in Dominica

Exatlon Hungary All Star: Laszlo Balek’s successor filmed in Dominica

Experts can even find out who it is, tips continue to appear, but in a short time the veil will officially fall from the mysterious presenter.

Tonight begins Exatlon Hungary All Star, the big “End Game”, at the end of which an absolute champion will be opened. The winner of this race will be the biggest champion, who can run with the previous and strongest winners.

The crew was in Dominica for some time, at the usual place where the competition takes place. It is not yet known how long the competition will last, nor whether there will be recharges, and if so, how often.

There are still many questions, but now everyone is wondering who will be the successor to Laszlo Ballek. Some viewers still believe that the legendary commentator will return, but this is highly unlikely, as it was previously confirmed that Palik decided to exit Exatlon and leave TV2 as well.

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There is a lot of speculation about the person of the new presenter, and many people suspect that Zoltán Szujó is a runner-up, but it is possible that she is a completely different character. Who’s unknown at the moment, at least most are only guessing, but we recently got a picture of him in Dominica.

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