Exatlon Hungary All Star: Guess Durka, let's just see what she said

Exatlon Hungary All Star: Guess Durka, let’s just see what she said

Salander Durca looked very upset and on the second day there were serious tensions with Jergo Rose.

The relationship between Dorka Salander and Gergő Rozs is not very romantic, and arguably very poor. They have known each other since the previous season, there were no friends there, and the girl stayed with some huge shards.

That’s more than he felt, Jergo mostly just listened, And Dorka poured out her complaintsR. It’s hard to do, as the years go by and they are now in a whole new position at the All Star.

Tomka told Hannah face-to-face about the extent of the damage it had taken her from the past, and the things her teammate had done. Dokra is now injured by Jerry’s not classing him as a bona fide racer, which may actually be a misunderstanding.

Exatlon Hungary All Star: Péter Mischinger’s hair is burning from Zalan, he’s so upset

However, the girl took it so much that Jerry has been a topic ever since. He said in front of TV2 cameras that people might know a little about his relationship with Jirgo. “Then Jergo tried to knock me out quite quietly, but in a very cruel way, or he simply couldn’t deal with the fact that, as the best player at the time, he was underperforming.”

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