Examples of 125 extinct species believed to be five have been found in Australia

The Gould-austrlegrrl (Pseudomys gouldii) was believed to have become extinct 125 years ago, and now there is evidence of such examples. The reason for these setbacks was that they were believed to exist only on the Australian continent, and here in 1895 they were not found. However, it turned out that they successfully survived on one of the small islands.

Tj near Alice Springs, Australia – IllustrativeForres: kwest / Shutterstock

Emily Roycroft, a fellow at the Australian National University, and a team of eight species of Australian reptiles examined DNA from patterns found in Australian and London museums, which today have been compared to their Australian relatives. The line of analysis suddenly revealed that the Djoongari or Shark Bay rats off the coast of Western Australia were indeed Gould rats.

drawing miceFurres: John Gould / commons.wikimedia.org

The extinction of this species on the continent may have contributed to the spread of European colonization, cats and rats, which suffered many local wildlife, changes in the practices of the local population, the spread of new diseases and the destruction of sites by industrialists. However, the small islands were mostly unaffected by these The six carrots, which were lucky for the little mice – newscientist.com reveals. will shackle.

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