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Exactly one year until today, I’ve been waiting: in the memory of Jean-Paul Belmondo

Exactly one year until today, I've been waiting: in the memory of Jean-Paul Belmondo

Would this little restaurant with a terrace right here in the forest of Montmartre do any good? Can Jean Paul do it? Are you? It’s ok then. I want Bordeaux wine, crimson red, very succulent. And if available, Burgundian Epoisses cheese. Merci!

This place is cozy, isn’t it? Elegance as Jan Tiersen plays the piano in the background. Do I hear you right? The music is played from the movie The Wonderful Life of Amélie. How do I start. So this is a special moment in my life, dear Jean-Paul! To sit here with you and I hope you will definitely tell many stories about your life. You know, we are the ordinary people who lived through the 20th century. The second half of the century, as well as in the eastern side of Europe, so we were lucky. Because we got to know you and love you, and your friend Alain Delon who welcomes you. Yes he is fine happily.

We can see you, and in Hungary Imre Sinkovec, Zoltan Latinovec, Lajos Basti. Did you know them, Jean Paul? No, but they were all great. just like you! The way you smile, the way you frown, the way you cut the screen when you have to. Remember the school boxing match when you got punched in the nose? Of course you remember. Life can be difficult sometimes. It is very difficult. You know, we just ate your movies, but we didn’t really know you. We didn’t even know that your father was a sculptor and your mother was a painter. Can I have more wine, Jean Paul? Do you remember the moment you fell in love with acting? You watched La Comédie Francaise when you were 17 years old. At that time, you decided you wanted to be an actor. some cheese? please tell me! What’s your experience playing with Gina Lollobrigida, Claudia Cardinale or Sophia Loren? Or a joint movie with Dillon? You gave us strength and confidence, Jean-Paul. That a real man shows the world that you should never give up. How fun it is to listen to the piano. This is a great tool.

And Montmartre is a particularly captivating place here in Paris, although I know you’ve long preferred cozy little towns, since you grew up in one. Tell me, Jean-Paul, do you remember your first performance in front of sick children? Of course you remember! Perhaps also in the hospital, on the beds, and on the faces of children. I forgot with them for a few minutes that they were fighting for their lives. It’s like you’re crying, Jean Paul. Or did the wind just blow dust off the street? Do you even remember George Leroy? He encouraged me even more to become an actor. How did you have so much strength, so much strength and endurance that despite the rush of decades, you were always able to be among the greatest?

Do you still remember your love? Elodie Constantin gave you three children, then came the beautiful Ursula Andress, a strong relationship with Laura Antonelli, and then in December 2002, your heart was stolen by Natalie Tardy, who is decades younger than you, who gave you a beautiful little girl. May I have another glass of wine?

Nice to be seated at the same table with you, Jean Paul! It is a great honor to be near you. Wining, eating delicious cheese and watching are all your words. You know, I definitely go to Paris two or three times a year, and to this restaurant every time. It’s very convenient, and you’re here too. But what does the waiter want? How do you serve dinner or are you still waiting for someone? Yes I am waiting. I’ve been waiting exactly one year for this day…

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