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Ex-Huawei CEO is on trial in Poland for espionage

Ex-Huawei CEO is on trial in Poland for espionage

The lawsuit is expected to last for months and the final verdict has yet to be decided.

A criminal trial began in Warsaw on Tuesday in the case of two men accused of spying on China, including a Chinese citizen, a former Huawei sales manager in Poland and a Polish cybersecurity expert. The two accused – Weijing Wang and Peter Dorbaglu – pleaded not guilty.

At the start of Tuesday’s trial in the Polish capital, one of the prosecutors requested that the trial be held in public due to the confidentiality of some evidence. Defense lawyers protested that the nature of the charges should make the procedures transparent. Both Wang and Durbaglu, who are fluent in Polish, said they wanted an open hearing. However, after a short break, the three-judge panel announced that the proceedings would be held behind closed doors in the public interest and journalists were asked to leave – mentioned Associated Press.

The government of former President Donald Trump has pressured European allies to boycott Huawei’s next-generation mobile network equipment because it feared Beijing could use them to facilitate cyber espionage or digital sabotage.

Wang and Durbaglu were arrested in January 2019 amid a geopolitical struggle for technological and commercial supremacy between the United States and China. The Polish authorities accused them of spying for China under the pretext of seeking business deals for the Chinese technology company Huawei. Wang has been detained since his arrest. Dorbaglu, who was a former cybersecurity expert for government agencies, including the Homeland Security Agency, was released on bail after six months in custody.

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According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the indictment is partly classified, but the public part alleges that Wang is a Chinese intelligence agent who wanted to hand high-profile contracts to Huawei between 2011 and 2019 that would have allowed the Chinese company to gain insight into the Polish state’s data systems. And the local government can have an influence on them.

The two men were accused of participating in a foreign intelligence operation and endangering Poland’s interests. If convicted, they could face at least three years in prison. Wang studied in Poland and then worked at the Chinese Consulate in Gdansk before taking a senior position at Huawei. She is also known by her first Polish name, Stanislaw.

He suspected that his Polish companion helped him establish contacts and provide him with documents. According to some observers, these documents were public and not classified as classified. The lawsuit is expected to last for months and the final verdict has yet to be decided.

Huawei did not want to comment as the case is still pending. The company has repeatedly denied the US allegations, but since the couple’s arrest, Huawei’s position in Europe has been bogged down by the US crackdown. Countries like Britain and Sweden have banned Huawei devices from their networks. Others, such as France, prefer local competitors such as Ericsson and Nokia for security reasons.

Meanwhile, Balkan countries signed a US-led “clean grid” agreement aimed at excluding Chinese hardware providers. The US has been effectively banning Huawei equipment since 2012, and Australia, New Zealand and Japan are also avoiding it.

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Huawei He also participated in espionage in the Netherlands Due to the alleged objection of customers of the telecom company KPN Telecom NV. This possibility was explored through risk analysis years ago. The Chinese company also denies this, claiming that, for its part, it has never heard a conversation and will not be able to do so.

In Hungary, Huawei is not currently facing headwinds. start with us The first commercial 5G serviceIn October 2019, Vodafone, for example, relied on Huawei’s assets. In January of this year, Hungary’s first private 5G industrial network was launched operating in a real production environment at the Páty site of Huawei Technologies’ European Supply Center, which supports the company’s production and logistics operations.

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