Evotinction: PlayStation China Hero Incognito Coming to Two More Platforms [VIDEO]

Not only are Astrolabe Games (publisher) and Spikewave Games (developers) doing the stealth action game for PlayStation 4, which Perp Games is also releasing on disc.

In the game, a fruitless eternal chase plays the main role, with a look at evolution and extinction, the game is set to be an official song in the near future, as a virus of unknown origin attacks a solitary but self-styled team. CAV Himalayan Research Institute and its Community Network. The central unit of the highly advanced artificial intelligence system running the facility also became infected, and as a result, basically harmless service bots escaped: they began attacking humans. Dr. Liu, one of the system’s designers, decided to storm this lost facility to search for potential survivors while trying to identify and correct the root cause.

This genre has been defined as a “Future Tactical Infiltration Simulation. We are the only ones who have reached a fortress controlled by AI. Utilize the hacker’s scintillating doctor skills to deal with opponents. Disarm remotely security system, rewrite IFFs, or manipulate behavior Failing AI so we don’t have to bump into it, it’s worth disarming threats one by one.

The “gins”, the daily serving robots, would be our most common opponent. Each has its own routine patrol, and the artificial intelligence system behind their behavior also coordinates the efforts of the bots, increasing their efficiency. But there will also be some killer bots: they are specifically designed to neutralize threats to the centralized system. Is it all about infected AI or are there other unknown causes?

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The battle has been described as “technologically enhanced hacking and theft”. Dr. Liu is an average researcher with no combat training. He’s not very good at engagement either, and it doesn’t have much to do with rotating weapons, but he’s technologically advanced: he can hack, disable, and manipulate the faulty AI to get past this dangerous robotic facility. Long range crosstalk, radio and electromagnetic interference, hologram illusion, malware implantation, system takeover, IFF spoofing… would be a normal option.

Evotinction is coming to PlayStation 4 in the spring of 2023, and to PlayStation 5 and PC (steam).

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