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What should you know about the upcoming Wild West action game?

01.11.2022 22:37 | Greg | Category: game news

If all goes according to plan, one of the big eruptions in November could be flying wild boar The novelty of the studio, that is Evil West mayo. What we’ve seen so far from Wild West Action looks absolutely compelling. The only negative thing so far is the match has been postponed for two months, so it can only arrive in the next few weeks.

The other day, the developers came out with a new trailer, which summarizes in about five minutes what you should know about the gameplay and the main character. The latter will be a young vampire hunter, Jesse Rentier, and we can take on his role in the game. He is an employee of the Rentier Institute, which is run by his father, but has been the family’s main line of business for generations.

Hunting vampires in the wild west requires tools of the wild west, so in addition to pistols and shotguns, we also have explosives and, of course, more mysterious weapons in our possession. Thanks to character development, it’s up to us to decide how Jesse will send the horror from the Wild West into the afterlife.

Evil West is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, and we can expect it to launch on November 22. ■

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Evil West
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