'Evidence' of biblical giants found in northern Israel - Neukohen

‘Evidence’ of biblical giants found in northern Israel – Neukohen

An upcoming documentary series provides rare insight into the world of theories about nephilimic (giants) – Writes (a) The Jerusalem Post.

Rudy Landa, lead producer, director of Inspiration Networks, and CEO of the company, David Cirullo, decided to make the film three years ago, and their enthusiasm for the topic was driven by their love of the Bible.

The Bible writes about the Nephilim in several places.

Landa said.

The main description of the Nephilim is found in the sixth chapter of Genesis. Most people go through this section. The Nephilim were descendants of celestial beings who were placed in the spiritual realm to guard the earth at those times. They were presidencies in the kingdom of heaven. “

– I continued.

The Bible says that the “sons of the Elohim” lived with the daughters of men. The descendants of these marriages were called Nephilim, a genus of giants who lived on Earth.

“The docu series brings biblical sources, but may also be of interest to non-religious viewers.”

Landa said.

“We are looking for evidence and actual evidence that is out there in the world, not just claims based on faith. There is a lot of archaeological evidence to uncover.”

The subject could easily become a sensation due to its nature, but Landa stressed that she did not want to take that approach. He enlisted the help of writer Douglas Van Dorn, who recently wrote a book on the subject, to direct the project.

“We provide evidence and ask people to research to reach their own conclusions.”

Landa said.

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We are not dogmatic and do not hide anything. We bring in resources and encourage viewers to ask questions, continue studying, and do their own research.”

The search begins in Israel

The research will take viewers from all over the world: to Egypt, Peru and the United States, but the most important part is that the documentary series begins in the Golan Heights in Israel.

“It makes sense to begin in Israel, where the history of the Nephilim began.”

Landa confirmed.

These are the Golan Heights.”

The Book of Enoch, a apocryphal writing attributed to the biblical grandfather of Noah, writes about the Nephilim. According to the book, the name Mount Hermon comes from the Hebrew word “sherim”, which means “go away.” According to the book of Enoch, the Nephilim were banished from heaven and sent to Mount Hermon on earth. This land, known as Bashan, is the place where King Og set out against the Israelites at the time they entered the Promised Land.

In search of the truth, Landa also reached Gilgal Rephaim (the wheel of the giants), a mysterious rock formation in the Golan Heights. When seen from the ground, it looks like random piles of rocks. However, it is very impressive from above, as it consists of five concentric rings and the outer ring is more than 500 feet wide. At its center is a pile of loose stones 65 feet in diameter and more than 16 feet high, covering a central chamber carved into solid rock. Archaeologists usually date the construction to 3500 BC. The purpose of Gilgal Rephaim is still a subject of mystery and scholarly debate.

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Gilgal Refaim is an ancient rocky monument in the Golan Heights.

“There are theories claiming that Og was buried in Gilgal in Rephaim.”

Landa said.

The film examines the theory that the center of the hull was used as a chamber where the body was allowed to decompose. The bones were later buried in a massive serpent-like structure of loose stones lined with stone rings.

“This dual arrangement occurs in many parts of the world.”

Landa explained.

Landa explained that the Gilgal Rephaim arrangement is adapted to important astronomical phenomena.

The entrance to the center faces the summer solstice sunrise. Cracks in the walls indicate the vernal and autumn equinoxes. Other symbols refer to astronomy. This would have allowed the site to be used to predict the onset of the rainy season.

“Obviously there was a very clever design behind it.”

Note Landa.

Jewish tradition teaches that Og was still alive in Noah’s time and survived the Flood by clinging to the side of the ark.

Og is named in Deuteronomy 11:3 as the only man left among the rulers. The size of a branch can be roughly estimated by reference to the size of its bottom, which is described as nine amots in length and four amots in width. The Biblical word “amah,” which is literally forearm length, which means that Og’s bed was over 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

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