Evidence has been found: Prince Harry can keep rental property without his wife

The ball again about the married royal couple living in America. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle She celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary on Friday, but the grand event was overshadowed by a shocking rumor.

Serious allegations have surfaced about Prince Harry Photo: JLPPA/Bestimage

This all happened after many fans of the couple were baffled that the couple never shared any joint ceremonies or photos regarding their wedding anniversary, even though they always did in previous years.

The British newspaper, The Sun, published an article full of serious accusations over the weekend, in which they claimed, quoting their news source, that Prince Harry He rents a room in a luxury hotel Megan He usually goes without, or is a regular participant in a “club” where privacy and members are protected during their recreation. We probably need not say that the prince arrived here without his wife.

The news has now been responded to by Prince Harry’s representative, who considers The Sun’s reports to be outright lies and denies that Harry rents a room in any luxury hotel without his wife’s knowledge, where he could “escape if he wanted a little solitude”.. And about the private club, he said that there is indeed a place where the hosts protect the privacy of stars and celebrities with their teeth and nails, but this is where Harry went with his wife and two children the day before. The actor mentioned that although the couple did not post a joint photo regarding their wedding anniversary, they celebrated the big event in a small circle, he wrote. the sun.

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