Everywhere: The former GTA developer’s first title will feature AAA (mini) in-game?!

Those who play GTA designer Leslie Benzies’ mystery open-world game, Everywhere, will also have access to another full AAA game within the game.

New details about the debut of Build a Rocket Boy Games have been released all over the place. Turns out, it also features an entirely separate game that can be played within the mysterious open world title. Being able to load MindsEye, an open-world action-adventure game, from within another game will surely fit designer Leslie Benzies’ claims that Everywhere is the real “Ready Player One”.

Build is the first release from developer Rocket Boy Games, Everywhere is an open world title coming to PC and consoles that will provide players with multiple game genres and a variety of creative tools for designing their own content.

The game is being developed by former Rockstar North employees. Among them is Leslie Benzies, who previously worked as the lead developer of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Details remain tight on what players can expect from each location. But new information from gaming site Video Games Chronicle and a new trailer have provided some details on what Build a Rocket Boy Games has in store for players. As part of the studio’s pitch to VGC, the developer has revealed that it’s working on a second AAA game called MindsEye. This will only be playable within Everywhere. the “as an action-adventure, high-octane adventure, trilogy and stories” MindsEye’s signature gameplay will be a cinematic blend of Technothriller and open-world mayhem that players are familiar with from the Grand Theft Auto series.

The aforementioned short trailer for MindsEye packs a lot of interesting stuff into less than 30 seconds of gameplay and gives players a taste of what to expect from the full version when it becomes available.

Given its short runtime and stealthy nature, MindsEye’s humor probably raises more questions about Everywhere than it answers. But the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date is nowhere in sight. However, developer Build a Rocket Boy Games promises just that “Every place will be in the hands of the players later this yearSo, in the meantime, it will definitely attract the attention of gamers who want to play the open world game.

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source: VGC

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