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Everything you need to know about Emily in Paris season 4

Everything you need to know about Emily in Paris season 4

Netflix had a cliffhanger, with fans of the series discovering unfinished plot threads, so it was pretty clear they wanted a fourth season as well. The final part of Season 3 of Emily in Paris left many open questions: will Gabriel get a Michelin star, will Mindy and her cash-strapped band make it to Eurovision, what will happen to Camille, who is pregnant by her ex-husband, and what is the most exciting question, After breaking up with Alfie, will Emily and Gabrielle's love finally bear fruit?

In the fourth season of Emily in Paris, the main character reinterprets the rules of Parisian fashion with her clothes
Source: JC Image

Emily is rewriting the rules of fashion in Paris

The first images reveal that Season 4 is running with bolder costumes than usual. Marilyn Fitoussi, the series' costume designer, commented:

“Emilie is now really starting to find herself, assert herself and become much stronger with a style that reinterprets the rules of Parisian fashion. Obviously our motto was to have fun but take maximum risks.”

Work and private life mix, and the characters' path passes through complex relationships

Indeed, there has been no shortage of complications, but now Darren Star promises more complications.

“Season 4 will mostly be about how the characters navigate their personal and professional relationships, and what kind of conflicts the entanglement between the two leads to. Since Emily will continue to work with Alfie, Gabrielle and Camille, emotional conflict will be inevitable. – said the screenwriter of the series.

From the set of photos, it is clear that Emily is not in Paris, and this is reflected in the photos, as our heroine can be seen in a winter setting carrying a suitcase, while in another she is wearing a thick fur jacket and wearing a thick fur jacket. Matching pub hat. In a third photo, she is seen wearing a colorful coat and standing in front of a sofa decorated with red cushions with a white cross, suggesting that Emily is in the Swiss Alps.

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Lily Collins, who plays the lead role, wrote this about the new locations On his Instagram account:

While Emily's heart will always be loyal to Paris, her life is taking unexpected turns this season. Don't be surprised if she finds him on vacation in Rome.

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