Everyone was waiting for this, Schumacher’s son finally broke the silence

Although the Formula 1 field has already been preparing for the second race of the season, the Saudi Grand Prix on Sunday, for weeks Hunt for survival Netflix docu-series About Mick Schumacher Fans are chewing on his individual side. The 23-year-old German racing driver, who is already working as a test driver for Mercedes this year, has been repeatedly talked about by the bosses of the Haas stable after seeing the mistakes he made in last year’s races, during the heat of the weather. races. “Little Xumi” now responded to the comments after a long silence.

Mick Schumacher prefers not to watch the documentary shared by his former bosses. Photo: AFP

“Talent is needed, talent cannot be developed”; “You can’t beat a dead horse”; “We gave him a year learning what to do, he wrecked his car in the second race just because the other one was faster” – Destroyed criticism When Mick’s condition worsened and he caused millions of euros in damages with his accidents.

Seven times world champion Michael Schumacher His son has been silent so far, but now the question came up at a press conference: What do you think of the movie?

I did not watch it. This is my personal decision.

I don’t necessarily need to see myself on TV right now. I approached this year with one closed door, but another opened. Ten years from now I might say, “Oh, it actually was better that way.” For this reason, I came forward as a person and as a competitor answered Little Shumi.

He added: Despite the difficulties He does not give up and still dreams of an F1 career.

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Car racing is my life and that’s why I’m still alive. I want to learn as much as possible this year. I’ve already proven what I can do with the right car in the Rookie Series, and I also want to prove that there’s more to me than that. He seemed optimistic about the future Mick Schumacher.

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