Ezt a vámpíros túlélőjátékot pörgeti most mindenki bevezetőkép

Everyone is spinning this survival game right now

Even a few days after its release, V Rising is very popular.

Looking at the trends of the past few years, we’ve been excited about the games that will make it to the top of the popularity lists from scratch this year, as anything like PUBG, Between Us, or Fall Guys might surprise you. In 2022, that title was V Rising, which at the time of writing has had nearly a hundred thousand people on Steam, although it was released on May 17 and can only be played with Early Access.

At Stunlock Studios, everyone starts out as a weak vampire, starting with an awkward situation to try to become the next Dracula.

Our goal is to get our strength back, rebuild our castle, and recruit loyal companions while avoiding direct sunlight – planning during the day is key, and hunting can start at night. You can play alone or go on adventures with your friends, there are up to 50 players on the server.

The developers say more than half a million players have already given V Rising a chance in three days, but there should be plenty more to join in over the weekend. Twitchen is also becoming more popular, which can also help with that. If you try it, you will find it on Steam, and you have to pay €19.99 for it.

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