Evert Givent has been taken over because the owner is not paying

Evert Givent has been taken over because the owner is not paying

Egyptian authorities have seized Ever Geffen, and the owner will have to pay for the rescue operation and the failed transit fee.

The Japanese 220,000-ton tanker on March 23 Turned crosswise On the Suez Canal, which led to the closure of a very important international trade route for days. The cargo ship can only be rescued for several days They can edit it, Because the ship was completely dug in the mud on the side of the canal.

About 50 boats pass through the canal daily, and during the rescue, 442 boats were bribed at the canal exits due to Ever Given. However, the Japanese owner refused to pay, and the Egyptian authorities were forced to seize the ship. Authorities have not specified exactly how much the owners will have to pay, but some estimates are around $ 900 million. Meanwhile, an investigation was opened into why the ship capsized.

The owner has not yet responded. If a lawsuit were brought, it would not be easy to determine who was responsible, as although the vessel is owned by a Japanese company, it is operated by the Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen Marine and flies the Panama flag. (guardian)


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