Even the old Lumina running Windows 11

Even the old Lumina running Windows 11

It is becoming increasingly clear how artificial the minimum system requirements are.

Perhaps the biggest publicized feature of Windows 11 to date has been the need for system requirements, the current official view is that for security reasons, configurations with processors older than a few years do not offer Secure Boot technology and TPM 2.0 will not support.

Come on, Microsoft already bling .tThat the system may slightly expand the range of supported processors by the time the system is complete in the fall, but upon examining the public preview of Windows 11, it becomes increasingly clear how Microsoft is artificially narrowing the range of devices compatible with these needs.

The interesting proof of this is that Gustave Monce, an engineering student, recently pulled off a preview of the ARM version of the operating system for the old 2015 Microsoft Lumia 950, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 system chip and 3GB of memory that previously powered a high-end mobile phone. Although the software does not perform well on it, it is not surprising given the age and power of the hardware, plus Microsoft never intended to support the device.

Regardless, the trick is thought-provoking.

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