Even the head of state is calling for the resignation of the Slovak prime minister

Even the head of state is calling for the resignation of the Slovak prime minister

Like we wrote, Leaves office Maria Kulikova The Slovakian Minister of Justice is the fourth member to resign in the government within two weeks. Within the ruling coalition in Slovakia, the situation has been tense for weeks due to differing views of the parties on managing the epidemic and the resignation of the Minister of Economy on Monday, Richard Solik And the Igor Matovic Because of the personal conflict of the prime minister. The situation became even more upset after the Prime Minister against Slovakia decided to purchase a Russian Sputnik V vaccine against the two smaller liberal parties in the coalition, the Freedom and Solidarity Party led by Solik and the People’s Party. Liberal parties first Marek Karagsey He demanded the resignation of the Minister of Health, and after the resignation of the Minister, who was nominated by the largest ruling party, the Simple People and Independent Personalities, the settlement of relations within the coalition was linked to the departure of Prime Minister Matovic and the cabinet reshuffle. To the government.

Matovi announced on Sunday that he is ready to quit the premiership and take another position in government if the liberals are loudly calling for his departure and he fulfills their previous promises of leaving two prime ministers and two parliamentary posts as well. Another condition for Matovic’s resignation was that the coalition redistribute ministerial posts in light of the balance of power in last spring’s parliamentary elections. In so doing, he suggested giving the liberal parties positions in the cabinet and parliament in addition to their weight. On Monday, Solik refused to redistribute ministerial posts, but announced that he would leave the presidency of the economy ministry that he heads. Kulikova, the Minister of Justice, was the other member of the cabinet whose resignation the Prime Minister asked.

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The prime minister requests his departure on Tuesday Susanna Kapotova The Head of State also advanced when expressing his opinion in his statement:

It is inevitable that Igor Matovi will resign, allowing an agreement between the coalition partners.

According to MTI, Capotova’s decision was somewhat overshadowed by an article published on the Pravda website in Bratislava on Sunday, citing sources within the coalition: Freedom, Solidarity and People agreed to create a broad liberal electoral platform with a liberal formation called Progressive Slovakia led by Kaputova. He left Parliament outside the spring elections. According to the press release, this election program will be tacitly supported by Robert Fico Led by Oriented Liberals, founded by Voice Peter Pellegrini Leading the former prime minister. However, the article’s content called “freedom and solidarity” a lie.

In our area of ​​focus, Igor Matovi and Zuzana Kaputova were appointed Prime Ministers in March of last year.

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