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Even the greatest archeological sense could not touch the heart

Even the greatest archeological sense could not touch the heart

The excavation In principle, it is a historical movie that explores one of the most important discoveries in British archeology, but in the end, the creators still cannot trust the story enough because it will eventually be pushed into the background behind the romantic strings. However, this type of cast could have made a more complex story successful.

Sutton Hoo in eastern England is home to one of Britain’s greatest archaeological discoveries ever: the burial site discovered in 1939 hid not only an entire ship, but many treasures and artifacts from i. s. From the seventh century, the discovery radically changed the scientific consensus about early Anglo-Saxon civilization in the Middle Ages. Although the topic of the grave is still a subject of debate to this day, it is likely that it is Pioneer A king from eastern England was buried there, but whoever it was, finding it was definitely an archaeological sensation. As usual, the discovery had recognized the numbers, but in the meantime, not everyone received the respect they deserved. Successful English novelist, John Preston (Excellent books Very English scandal Mini-series) when the archaeologist’s aunt who participated in the excavation, Peggy Piggett Through this, he realizes that this story also has its unknown hero. (By the way, the writer did not know the story until after the death of his aunt, that is, he did not directly receive the information from him).

It was Basil Brown, A self-taught archaeologist and astronomer, however, was not recognized as an early authority in the absence of proper education and served as a simple excavator by the local museum for decades, while his excavation role in finding Sutton Hoo was not considered at all. For a long time. And the other hero Edith Pretti, A wealthy widow interested in archeology, her long imagination stirred the mysterious hills that sprang up in her home and asked Brown to see what they were hiding in. So Preston Dig in Himself in the story and wrote drilling A novel, in which he changed the real acts of it and also wrapped the excavation around an unprecedented romantic thread, then a decade after the book was published, the movie version also appeared. Australian filmmaker Simon Stone Who became famous for being a man of theater for a long time, his only film so far (A father and his son) is being Ibsen Wild duckIt was the treatment of his movie.

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However, the film sparked more serious interest due to the cast, as he managed to win Ralph VincentWho, as a native of Ipswich, a town near Sutton Hoo, felt that the project was particularly his heart’s desire, and outside of it. Carey Mulligan And the Lily James Play the main roles.

Although the movie was a BBC production in the initial design stage, the rights were later transferred to Netflix. And as is often the case, the accents of the film have changed quite a bit, and that’s it excavation It’s become more of a romantic movie than a chronicle of work that truly do justice to Basil Brown and other unknown paleontologist heroes.


The film introduces several major themes in addition to the digs, which in the second half push the main plot into the background: the personal story of each character and the relationships between them will gradually become more important, and the film gives a particularly unusual structure that is about halfway through game time. The main players who somewhat suppress Brown and Pretty, i.e. the Fiennes and Mulligan duo.

Another hero, like the others, is the imminent war: the movie, shot in the summer of 1939, constantly shows the sword of Damocles hovering over the characters’ heads, at first only a few combat aircraft flying over them, and the radio in the background only warns of danger, but later it will be an element Prominently.

This slowly creepy and intense anxiety pretty much sets the mood for the movie, which is really hard built, and it does really well. There is not even an obligatory, hardly convincing social critique of such films, about the elitist faces of the upper classes and the vulnerability of women.

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However, the romantic threads raise many questions: the cautious and mutually exclusive attraction of Mulligan (who was two decades younger than Edith Peretti was actually), and it’s clear that Finnice is just the brainchild of the book, he’s been forced a little too, but still can be forgiven . Peggy Piggott (meaning the novelist’s aunt played by Lily James) is totally wrongly portrayed in the movie as a fragile young woman who came fresh from her honeymoon and only participates in excavation due to the weight of her feather and shouldn’t be afraid of her digging area. However, he was already a respected archaeologist at the time (he was probably known by posterity as Cecily Margaret Guido) and in fact had been married for three years. It is more doubtful that the film suggests another character, also real, that he could have been homosexual when there is no sign of it in reality, and Preston also created a fictional character in the person of the photographer (Johnny Flynn), Who records the fossils for posterity, although two women have already done them. However, the guy needed an incredibly weak thread of love, so he got into the story. Finally, to historical disbelief, let’s add that the arrogant archaeologist at the British Museum, damn, Charles Phillips Thirty years older and the same number of kilograms heavier for the movieKen Stott So the character is the trendiest of all.) Finally here is Priti’s son, Robert (Archie Barnes), In which all the cinematographic clichés of the cinematographers have been condensed, which is why he really has so little natural sound.

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This is also annoying because Fiennes and Mulligan’s characters are subtle and well-tuned, and compared to them, the other characters are one-dimensional and educational characters, with predictable trends. So, somehow, none of the stories are strong enough to take the movie on its back, so this mission lacks the best. Mike Elle It is up to the photographer. He, on the other hand, is really flawless: every picture in the movie dictates, the English countryside sang in many films here is perhaps more beautiful than ever, and that totally applies to the landscape and timeless costumes. We can feel very familiar with a lot of the movie, as long as we’ve seen enough of a movie or fashion series in the English countryside and before the war, but in terms of visuals, we can safely say it. excavation Stand out even from this area. The work of Simon Stone, which was announced as a historical movie, so in vain tells the world the history of the finding of Sutton Hoo,

Beautifully filmed, he also raised important questions, as he boasts a great acting performance, but ultimately a weightless melodrama.

Prospecting (drilling), 2021, 112 min, Netflix. 24.Hu: 6,5/10

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