Even my Formula 2 race was scandalous in Saudi Arabia

Even my Formula 2 race was scandalous in Saudi Arabia

Nerves were tense in Jeddah after a few miles from the racetrack they hit On Friday, twenty Yemeni rebels to Saudi Arabia. Despite the missile attack, Formula 1 decided to hold the Saudi Grand Prix.

In the same way, they are keeping their race for the weekend in Formula 2, as Saturday’s sprint race was very turbulent. Even in free practice, many cars crashed on the highly criticized track and despite overtaking the field, Amore Cordell It crashed relatively early and the safety car phase may come. When restarting, lunge on the first lap Jack Doohan And the Logan SargentBut the good did not come until after that.

led the race for a while Dennis Hogert He called his team to the pit pass after falling back to 10th. Meanwhile, the pit lane was closed by race management, so the Prima team asked twice if that would be OK. In vain, the race board said yes, and eventually Hauger was given a 10-second stop and a penalty to get back into the final position.

After that, the race went on for a little while, but on the eighteenth lap Marcus Armstrong I stopped in the middle of the track during this, so a virtual safety car was needed. So the last lap was left for positional fighting, but the entire sprint race was said to have been flown more to safety than they competed. Fans are still mainly hanged over the Hauger case.

The race will eventually come from Red Bull Academy Liam Lawson He won in Carlin’s colors, and this was the second race victory in his career.

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