Even in Baywatch: Éva Horváth lit up the beach in a fiery swimsuit

Even in Baywatch: Éva Horváth lit up the beach in a fiery swimsuit

The former beauty queen put the Hungarian internet on its head with her latest video.

Enjoying every moment of his new life

More recently, Éva Horváth can only be captured on exceptional occasions in Hungary. The 43-year-old model has been a beauty heaven lately Go to Bali With his family they started a new life. Of course, the Hungarian celebrity, who also became known as a presenter, did not part with his Hungarian fans at all: months ago he launched his own YouTube channel, through which he regularly reports on his amazing adventures abroad. In February, for example, he uploaded a video guiding curious people through nearly every room in his worn-out dream house, and even long after. Details revealed Also about his mysterious partner, with whom he has been in love for years. However, Eva Horvath’s worn out life isn’t always bad: a former beauty queen in March For example, he mentioned that their house was flooded.

However, despite the sometimes unusual circumstances, the celebrity feels comfortable in Bali and tries to make the most of every moment of their exotic adventure (knowing that the celebrity has not moved permanently with his family to the beautiful island, they plan to return to Hungary later). This can be seen on the exterior of Éva Horváth: the famous model has blossomed with reality in recent months, and With a May Instagram post He’s also proven that he’s still as hot as he was twenty years ago.

The beautiful model has now managed to raise the stakes again: she recently posted a captivating video on her Instagram page, which turned the Internet at home upside down.

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Scroll, we’ll show you the video!

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