Even Britain’s new prime minister is sweating over Brexit

The British Parliament is facing a busy year, ha To Rishi Sun According to the Prime Minister’s plans, by the end of the year those points that were simply copied from EU laws after leaving the EU, in order to reduce transitional bumps affecting business, will be excluded from British legislation.

According to the current situation, these will also lose their effect in December, so their replacement must be resolved, unless the representatives vote in favor of the extension, he writes BBC.

the labor Party They have previously indicated that they would consider it justified to extend the deadline until 2026, arguing that this is the only way they can be absolutely sure that the rights of employees will not be violated. However, Rishi Sunak is tenacious, even speaking out this week about the need for action rather than procrastination.

There is a lot of work to be done in this regard. The government has so far identified more than 2,400 EU laws in the British system, but according to experts, another 1,400 need to be revised.

Many representatives predict that officials will simply be buried under this amount of work, and the end result will be a legal system riddled with loopholes and question marks from the beginning of 2024.

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In the crosshairs of the Greens

According to Rishi Sun, the EU’s repeal laws create an opportunity for the government A more favorable legal environment for business Create. environment protection However, representatives of the organizations warned the Prime Minister that it may be difficult to revise many environmental protection laws in the European Union, as well as to transfer them completely to the British system. The result of hard and hasty work can also be seen in terms of air pollution, water quality and wildlife protection.

Even a five-year-old will understand that we must hold on to what we already have until we come up with something else to replace it with.

said Craig Bennett, chief executive of environmental organization Wildlife Trusts, who said the government could act like a bulldozer if it sticks to existing plans.

Even the party members are revolting

The Cabinet wants to compile a list of laws they want deleted by the end of September, and after the relevant vote, MPs can also proceed to include or remove certain laws from the register.

However, this modus operandi is considered flawed by many Conservative MPs, such as Rishi Sunak, like David Davis, who previously served as Brexit Secretary. Conservative politicians opposed to the planned implementation are demanding that representatives have a greater say in the EU laws they deposit in their entirety, rather than just being able to intervene after the fact.

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