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Even a small kitchen will look organized if you use these home hacks

Even a small kitchen will look organized if you use these home hacks

Many people dream With a large, modern cooking surface With kitchen cabinet and modern appliances From a large and spacious kitchen.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of apartments have kitchenettes, but there is no reason to be discouraged, because with a few tricks you can turn these kitchens into a perfect place.

8 practical ideas for the kitchen

A cramped kitchen can sometimes make cooking difficult, because it doesn’t matter if there is enough space for the necessary ingredients and kitchen equipment. Instead of tearing down the walls, there are some simpler ways to fit everything in a small kitchen.

Read on – 8 cleverly arranged small kitchens: stylish and comfortable

Although these kitchens are small in size, they are nicely furnished.

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The Logic of Emotions – How do emotions exist in logical thinking?

November guest of Femina Club Dr. Laszlo Miro The mathematician, the psychologist, will be with him Nora SzeleyThe host of the evenings talks about the complex relationship between emotions and reason. We will explore what emotional intelligence actually means, learn about the structure of emotions, and how we can apply our findings to solve our everyday problems.

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date: November 6, 2023, at 6 p.m

location: Thalia Theatre


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