Eva Sebrigi's son goes to watering

Eva Sebrigi’s son goes to watering

They are preparing for the Easter special Eva Sebrigi! The Neoton Família singer is vacationing with family, but the concerts can’t be missed during the long weekend either. This time the family reunion will be held in Lake Balaton.

The singer is also watered by her son, a little differently.

“This year we will go down to Lake Balaton at Easter with DavidWe take our dogs and rabbits with us. As you know, they have two rabbits. One was adopted and one my brother Dory gave me for her birthday two years ago. Of course you will not miss concerts either, my sons will have two, and I will attend a company party ”- I told Eve Repostwho also told me what a special tradition they have on Easter.

They have a very special tradition of watering. The singer’s son, David, always wears Scottish folk costume, an integral part of which is the plaid skirt, the skirt.. David’s father Bob Heatley Because of his dress code as a Scottish songwriter and record producer. Pop made songs by world famous artists before Keith Richards, Shakin Stevens Obsession Anika. David also works as a singer, percussionist and even a composer befitting his parents. Eva also told the newspaper that they do not adhere to Hungarian traditions, regarding Easter brandy. It happens that David appears with a bottle of brandy in his hand and says a watering poem.


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