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Eva Bata talks about co-working with her husband: I shouldn't work with the person I'm sleeping with

Eva Bata talks about co-working with her husband: I shouldn't work with the person I'm sleeping with

He also explained why he thinks this way.

Eva Bata Volt Laszlo Balek a guest Three facts In the last episode: The actress also talks about it on the show. WireThat his father was an alcoholic strongly determined their family's life. As he said, he carried the resulting constant tension with him for a long time and worked hard to resolve it.

I had a strong feeling of shame because we shouldn't talk about it, it's not so vulgar, it's not rosy, so let's not talk about it. I think this is ridiculous

– Bata said, adding: When she is with her husband, With Zoltan Perischke We got together, and that's when he really started to deal with it and saw that, 'There are all kinds of ways to solve this problem.'

During the interview, the actress also talked about how, although she had worked with her partner before, and there were no problems between them when they worked together, she didn't want them to do it again.

Of course, when he comes to see me or I have a question or a problem, whether it's in the theatre, or during the rehearsal process or anything like that, we always discuss it, and I really like the way his mind spins, and he can look at situations from a completely different angle. And it offers very good solutions. But I'm a little afraid of how to do it effectively with such pressure

It is to explain.

I shouldn't be working with the person I'm sleeping with. This is my experience. It's definitely possible to create this, it's just too difficult for me. That freshness, that mystery, that vibration, which, let's say, with someone I wake up with, sleep with, know, love, know how it works, cannot be as high a vibration as it is with someone who does not have it. .

“Bata added, saying that her husband also thought the same about the matter, but that he was the more decisive of the two in this decision.

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