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Europe’s most powerful military power has been warned: it must face unprecedented threats
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Europe’s most powerful military power has been warned: it must face unprecedented threats

According to a report issued by the British Parliament’s Defense Committee, the impact of global warming on the British Armed Forces extends to all aspects of their operations.

  • These include high temperatures (which make training sites such as Cyprus unusable at certain times of the year);
  • Increasingly harsh climates for armed forces operating abroad;
  • The risk of armored vehicles breaking down due to high temperatures;
  • And the risk to the United Kingdom of the collapse of global security.

Armed forces, defense procurement and defense assets – both at home and abroad – must adapt to respond to the impacts of climate change in the coming decades, which will impact geostrategy, defense readiness, agility and effective military impact.

– says the report published by the Defense Committee on Friday.

According to the report, rising sea temperatures are already reducing the capacity of British warships: Warships operating in the Arabian Gulf usually rely on seawater to cool their engines to operate efficiently, but the effects of rising sea temperatures reduce the efficiency of warship engines.

Defense must adapt to operate in increasingly difficult climates – otherwise the capabilities of our armed forces will erode

– Actors warning.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report this year listed climate change as one of the top six risks; John Kerry, US Special Representative for Climate Protection, also stressed to British representatives that the climate crisis poses a significant risk to global defense and security.

If we do not respond appropriately, I believe we are undermining the shared principles around which we have organized our defense and security communities.

– said the former US Secretary of State.

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