Laszlo Arato (Urologus)

The European Parliament has called for more support and protection for NGOs, but according to Fidesz, György Soros is behind all this.

On Monday, the European Parliament discussed the role of civil society in facing the challenges and threats posed by Putin’s aggression against Ukraine. The next day, a report on this topic was adopted, the rapporteur is Anna Donáth MEP. Parliament’s proposals focus on three main axes:

  • A supportive and secure regulatory and political environment free from deterrence, attacks and intimidation;
  • sustainable and non-discriminatory access to resources; And the
  • Civil dialogue and participation in policy development.

Parliament in her decision

Condemns the harassment, defamation, stigmatization and scapegoating of civil society organizations.

The report stresses that the activities of immigration workers should not be criminalized either. Parliament also condemns “the assignment of public functions to civil society organizations in areas such as housing, health, education and asylum” and is deeply concerned about the emergence of disguised government-owned organizations.

The report proposes that the European Commission develop a “European Civil Society Index” to measure civil society and develop a comprehensive civil society strategy. This should include the introduction of minimum EU standards for the legal and administrative environment for civil society and a statute for European cross-border associations and non-profit organizations. The strategy should also provide flexible access to EU funding.

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Parliament approved the proposal by 526 votes to 115, with 54 abstentions. Fides’ MPs voted in the negative because they thought

Soros’ organizations cannot be above the law!

At least that’s what Balaz Hedwighi talked about in his speech. For him, the report actually excludes Soros’ organizations from the scope of the law. The MEP said: “NGOs backed by the Soros institutions that have been shown to be biased in political activism cannot be allowed to rise above the law.”

Although Balázs Hidvéghi recognizes that the free and undisturbed work of NGOs is an important tradition in Europe, there is no reason to give some organizations special treatment and exempt them from the rules of member states.


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