There has always been such a consensus in the European Parliament on this subject. In the debate on Belarus, although there were differences in emphasis, the member said the same from far right to far left, from Portugal to Lithuania, and from Jobbik to Fidesz. The 28 speakers unanimously agreed on the extent to which Moscow is attacked when it comes to Minsk.

EU High Representative Josep Borrell noted that after one of Ryanair’s scheduled flights was forced to the ground, the EU quickly intervened and banned Belarusian aircraft from its airspace. At the same time, it is of great concern that journalist Raman Bratasevic, who was kidnapped from the hijacked machine, and his girlfriend Sofia Sabiga are still in prison.

Borrell also said that based on the decision of the heads of state and government, the list of sanctions that will include individuals and organizations will be approved within days. They had something to do with the kidnapping and arrest of activists. The EU accounts of those involved will be banned and they will be denied entry. President Alexander Lukashenko will not be on the list because he is already on a previous list. The High Representative for Foreign Affairs reported that a proposal was also being prepared that included targeted sanctions, which would “affect important sectors of the Belarusian economy.” Borrell hopes that member states will work together in this regard. He also pointed out that there are currently about 450 political prisoners in Belarus, including journalists and citizens who want to exercise their freedoms. The European Union is preparing a €3 billion package in case Belarus gets rid of the current system and embarks on a democratic path.

Polish People’s Party spokesman Andrzej Hallecki said that after the border was closed, Belarus had become a major prison. Another Polish, Robert Bedron, spoke of the Lukashenko’s people torturing their compatriots and imprisoning women and children.

He is the last dictator in Europe to establish a kind of North Korea on the European continent

Rep. Pedro said. The speaking politicians made various proposals in the context of the future of Belarus and the sanctions policy to be followed. It has been said:

  • Lukashenko’s place before the International Court of Justice,

  • A high-level conference should be organized on the future of the country,

  • Belarus must be excluded from the international transport system,

  • Rail traffic between the European Union and Belarus must be stopped.

Many have pointed out that despite the EU cutting the strings, Russia will continue to support the repressive regime in Belarus. Moreover, the role of China also appeared. One of the representatives noted that only Russia and China from the UN Security Council did not condemn the kidnapping and that the Chinese leadership, for the first time, congratulated the President of Belarus on the fraudulent elections.

In his speech, right-wing politician Marton Geongius said that in his opinion the EU’s foreign policy is ambiguous and it is still not possible to see a clear EU strategy on how to punish Lukashenko so as not to punish the Belarusian people and turn the country towards Putin.

According to Michal Simica, a liberal Slovak MP, the Belarusian people have been demonstrating for a year, but now European citizens are also threatened by the Minsk regime. According to him, the leadership of the state and the oligarch associated with them should also be removed. Patrick Jackie believes the Polish pro-government

Putin made Lukashenko strong, who, instead of weakening, will become stronger and stronger, this must end.

A representative of Fides Kinga Gal also spoke, describing forcing the aircraft to the ground unacceptable. According to the Hungarian politician, everything must be done to ensure that this does not happen again anywhere in the world, in order to do this, strong and quick responses are needed. Kinga Gal added that the arrest of the journalist and his girlfriend is also unacceptable, and they, along with all of them political prisoners, should be released.

Tomorrow the European Parliament will vote on a resolution in which MEPs will present their views on developments in Belarus.

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