European Truck Championship: victory, podium - Norbert's kiss

European Truck Championship: victory, podium – Norbert’s kiss

Three-time European champion Case Norbert could not have expected a better start to the season: he won the opening race – his 64th European Championship win – and finished third in the reverse race at Misano.

The show was started by Norbert Kiss (Photo: Norby Kiss Media, Archive)

Continue from where it left off. This is a topographical issue on the one hand, and much more than that on the other. Kees Norbert won his third European Championship title in Misano at the end of last year, and he has just started the season there, with his first start and race victory! just to live.

The Hungarian Révész Racing rider had a close fight with six-time European champion Jochen Hahn of Germany during the trial period, but soon after (only 51ms) the Hungarian boy took first place.

And he won the victory as it is written in the ledger: from the free sign of the lamp to the square flag in front.

Of course, this seems simple at first glance, right after the start, Jochen Han tightly clutched at the Hungarian boy, waiting to see if he had made a mistake, but Kees had no idea this service was given, so the German never entered the overtaking position – had to to be satisfied. In second place. Sacha Lenz finished third with a stunning overtaking – taking advantage first of the misfortune of Antonio Albacete alongside Adam Lacco, as Lenz “crunched” the Czech driver around every corner, and has since climbed to third on the podium at his own pace. .

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“We started the season well, although I would have been happier if the battle hadn’t been so close – Tell Norbert Kiss. I could only win in time against Yushin (Han), but luckily I was able to turn center stage into a victory. After the start, Jochen dictated a big rhythm and tried to attack, but then I was better able to protect the tyres, and taking advantage of that, I ran away from him in the second half of the race. It is already clear that Iveco has taken the preparations very seriously and very quickly – so far it seems that Jochen will be my strongest opponent this year.”

He started eighth in the reverse net race, and Case made the most of his potential: He finished third in the lead, giving him a six-point advantage over Jochen Hahn in the compound.

“The usual crazy race was the reverse grid, everyone went everywhere, knocked out some in front of us, where we managed to take an advantage, but we also had to fight back. The kiss continued. – The most exciting thing was when Steffi Halm and Jochen Hahn tried to turn into a corner at the same time, I was inside so I could slow down and the two collided. Later, ivecos complained to me about how tight I was in the competition, but the supervisory board didn’t even investigate the issue, and I didn’t feel wrong either, I was able to keep the inner arc smoothly. In general, I can say that the season is off to a good start, but the competition is much narrower than it was last year. We need to work on how to improve the lap, because a lot will depend on the time trials and starting positions for the rest of the season.”

Sunday continued with a time trial and two more races.

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EB Truck, Round 1, Misano
Race 1: 1. Norbert Kiss (Hungarian, man)
24: 54.032, 2. Hahn (German, Iveco) 5.625 seconds defect, 3. Lenz (German, Man) 10566 seconds an hour. Race 2: 1. Antonio Simple (Spanish, man) 25: 09.176, 2. Lenz 0.618 seconds, 3. Kissing 6498 seconds h.

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