European leaders worry: Americans may withdraw from Ukraine after November

The US newspaper is driven by the fact that Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the Republican House faction, recently said that the Republican-dominated House of Representatives “will not offer a blank check” (ie unlimited funding) for Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression. To date, Ukraine has received $93 billion in financial and military resources from the West, mostly from the United States.

Tobias Ellwood, Chairman of the Defense Committee of the British Parliament, stated that if the United States withdrew its support for Ukraine

Putin can turn to victory from the gate of defeat.

Catherine Kulfer-Ashbrook, an analyst dealing with Germany at the Bertelsmann Foundation, told the newspaper that Germany has been reluctant or slow to send certain technical equipment to Ukraine in many cases.

Because of America’s withdrawal, other countries may also decide to “water down their promises” regarding Ukraine, said Natalie Tucci, director of Italian analysis house Istituto Affari Internazionale. With regard to Italy in particular, this arises as a danger, because the country is currently governed by a coalition consisting of (radical) right-wing parties, among others, Eurosceptic and pro-Russian.

If US support weakens, the House of Cards will collapse

An official in the European Union was not named to the newspaper.

Both Republicans and Democrats support the Ukraine cause, and aid packages to the country are often passed through Congress with bipartisan support. At the same time, as is known, Donald Trump, who still plays an important role within the Republican Party, called Vladimir Putin a “genius” when he announced the “peace mission” on the territory of Ukraine, which eventually led to the invasion. country from three sides.

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