European Council president alleges lying, British Foreign Office invites EU ambassador in London

European Council president alleges lying, British Foreign Office invites EU ambassador in London

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, said that the British government has banned the export of coronavirus vaccines. Boris Johnson was shocked, and he thought there was no such thing.

In a written assessment of the situation published on Tuesday, the head of the European Union’s Heads of State and Government said he was shocked to hear it ‘Pollen nationalism’ Charges are being brought.

According to Michel The facts do not lie: The United Kingdom and the United States have imposed a complete ban on the export of vaccines and vaccine components manufactured on their soil..

Michel: The European Union has never stopped exporting vaccines

The European Council President added that the European Union, on the other hand, has introduced controls on vaccines produced on its territory only to prevent companies with which it has concluded supply and pre-financing agreements from exporting vaccines to other developed countries until the specified date. Quantities have been delivered to the European Union. Michel added that the European Union has never stopped vaccine exports.

Johnson: London opposes vaccine nationalism

In response to the previous day’s statement issued by the President of the European Council on Wednesday evening, Boris Johnson said he asked the House of Representatives and the prime minister’s immediate answers, saying he wanted to “correct” Charles Michel’s announcement that the UK had stopped exporting vaccines.

“I would like to make it clear that we have not banned the export of any dose of (Coronavirus) vaccine or vaccine component.”

British Prime Minister said.

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Johnson stressed that everyone is standing on the same side in the global battle against the Coronavirus pandemic, and that London opposes all forms of vaccine nationalism. He added that he was confident that all factions in the House of Commons in London would reject the claims of the President of the European Council regarding the British ban on the export of vaccines.

Shortly before Johnson’s statement, an official from the European Union Representation in London was asked to the British Foreign Office and informed that Charles MichelIncorrect phrases I mentioned about British vaccine exports. This is not the first time that the issue of exporting a coronavirus vaccine has caused a conflict between London and the European Union.

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