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Esport 1 – all esports in one place!

At least part of the gamer community says the game is going in the wrong direction.

Weapons, vehicles, and a Cold War atmosphere – Black Ops have been integrated into the incredibly popular Warzone mode in Call of Duty last December, which on the one hand is a great move and on the other hand, as usual, not everyone is happy to merge.

A portion of the Call of Duty community of players highlights the new gulag as one of the main sources of the problem, which they say is a minor version of nuketown, plus the matches are unbalanced in it. They also highlighted the unbalanced weapons that currently dominate the game mode – with a special focus, of course, on the DMR-14, which is now an essential part of nearly every player’s armory.

Bugs can also be noted, one of which is the disadvantage of hiding helicopters equipped with machine guns, which also necessitated the removal of new vehicles from the game. In general, many people think that they simply had to bring players into Season 7 of Warzone mode, disguised in Modern Warfare robes, and abandon the BOCW streak.

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