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Jks is the 19th best player last year according to HLTV.

There are parts of the world where Counter-Strike has been popular from the start, many good players have come from there, and there are also regions and countries where few players have reached the top of the CS so far. An example of Australia.

How do you raise your heads while sitting upside down in front of the screen? Leaving aside, if our mission was to list professional top-tier players, we’d have difficulty outside of the Renegades’ previous squad. Perhaps that is why many sympathized with the 2018 Renegades, who fought against the best formations as an Australian team and who brought a little color to the European Union and North American teams already familiar.
This team was a member of A. Justin “jks” Savage, who was now voted 19th best player by HLTV last year. Of course, last year he played in 100 Thieves instead of Rebels, but the lineup has not changed. AZR, Liazz, Gratisfaction, jkaem, and Gratisfaction, perhaps the biggest losers in the Internet era of 2020. Slowly, the 100 thieves retreat from them, the organizer abandoned his cherished dreams of CS: GO, and the players were left to fend for themselves.
However, that didn’t stop Jks from playing as hard as he had been since his professional years. Given his year-round performance, with 64 out of the top 10 Clutch Kings 1vX wins, he excelled in the average grenade damage category, and his average turnover of 79 also shows that he rarely had a opponent on the servers.
Jks is currently a player in Complexity, where at the end of 2020 they didn’t have much time to train and get used to, but now in 2021 they can show what they know. Jks and Complexity definitely deserves a look this year, the team currently ranks 11th on HLTV, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they reached the top three at some point this year.

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