Esport 1 - all esports in one place!  Hitman 3 test

Esport 1 – all esports in one place! Hitman 3 test

Hitman 3, designed for the epic shutdown of the Assassination World trilogy, has arrived. But…


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AGF versus apes

But that was now more of an enthusiastic saying, because the truth is that Fight 3 It’s not epic and can hardly be called close. Moreover, if we look at the overall picture, we have to say that this is the weakest piece of the The world of assassinations– triple. Even without any special expectations, the match was disappointing as it did not contain anything new and even the result was missing.

a Fight 3 Starts from where Second part is over. With 47 and Gray arriving in Dubai to kill two of the partners who made up the organization called Providence, meanwhile, “Standing” is slipping out of Diana’s hands. However, he has more ambitious plans than that. Using Occupation 47 and Gray, he takes possession of the property of the partners and thereby becomes the head of the organization, who is also the new enemy of the hero.

a Fight 3 Its structure is similar to that of the first two, that is, the short films that pass between missions tell the story. The only problem is that the story that provided the finale for the trilogy is enough for footnote, and the dramatic moments are boring. And the final turning point wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s played Hitman: FriendlyWith because it was created with the same group different.

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How do you think the third part of the trilogy succeeded?

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