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Esport 1 – All esports in one place! – encryption unicorns

Esport 1 – All esports in one place!  – encryption unicorns

After flying pigs, galloping unicorns are now capturing players’ hearts.

Unicorn milk, floating islands, farming, dueling, rainbow symbols, and immeasurable cuteness. In short, this is Crypto Unicorns, an innovative web-3 strategy game developed by Laguna Games.

Before we dive into the sea of ​​glamor

If P&E (play and earn), NFT (non-fungible token), web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, etc. are not new to you, feel free to read on. However, in the opposite case, I recommend it to your attention AMG DAO x Esport 1 list, which can provide a sufficient basis for the following lines.

swinging? We can go!

So here’s the gleaming strategy simulation game running on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain, with 10,000 first generation NFT rhinos, who, being mare ponies, can of course be bred – for a limited time.

As we are used to in web 3 games, Crypto Unicorns also offers to make money i.e. P&E, in the form of Unicorn Milk ($UNIM) and Rainbow Token ($RBW), which are similar to Acce Infinity Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Infinite Axie (AXS) Token.

By definition, the NFTs needed for a game are the property of the users, who can freely trade them at any time on a suitable marketplace, such as Hawku or OpenSea. By the way, unicorn NFTs can be divided into nine main layers – Heart, Cloud, Rainbow, Flower, Candy, Omnom, Moon, Crystal and Star – which affect both the appearance and characteristics of the ponies. As a result, they have an order of value and rarity.

Denim is the ace in the duel

Crypto Unicorns is more than a new generation farming simulation game, in addition to being a complex strategy game, it also has its own battlefield where the shiny, puffy ponies can punch each other.

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So, in order to get to the full gameplay experience we need at least one game, but preferably two unicorns, and a floating island where farming and building can be done – that’s Land Gameplay. On the other hand, for those who want other thrills in addition to farming, there is also a battlefield – Joust – where they can compete in various “knight tournaments”.

The most important information

Once you have taken all the necessary steps to start the game – so you have connected your crypto wallet, own a couple of shiny ponies and a piece of land, etc. – Your floating island will appear on the home screen. By clicking this, you can start farming by planting the seeds you have.

It is important that each unicorn has a certain, but different, amount of energy, which is used to complete each mission. The game always tells you how much energy it requires. The energies are recharged after 24 hours, but this process can be speeded up by growing certain plants.

In addition to farming, developing, and building, there are also daily missions – an event menu item – which all cost energy, so it’s worth thinking carefully about what strategy you want to pursue from the get-go.

where is my money?

You might have a legal question – especially if you’re using the name Sziky. After all, Crypto Unicorns is one P&E Projectnaturally.

Well, there are several ways to get both Unicorn Milk ($UNIM) and Rainbow Token ($RBW). For example, you can sell tools and crops from farming within the game’s marketplace, which gives you rainbow tokens. Completing tasks usually earns you Unicorn Milk, but you can also get RBW tokens. In addition, you can also send mecha ponies to gather, for example – the gathering cart – where in addition to seeds and raw materials, they can also grow UNIM. Of course, where you can get really big booty, but at the same time it’s also very risky – since it comes with an entry fee – is the PVP arena, where “knights’ tournaments” are held.

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Come to the party too!

I know you’re sitting on pins and needles waiting to try the game, so I have two good news for you. One of them is that now anyone can try out the game for free as part of the Unicorn Party event, just visit their website.

And the other is that AMG DAO For men, the Scholar program has been launched, which allows you to dive into the sparkling sea without your own investment and earn money while having fun. You can ask them for the exact details about it via Discord, but you’d better hurry before there’s a long waiting list for mare ponies.

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