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Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Final Fantasy has been very successful according to players and critics, but it uses both people and technology.

The day before yesterday, we reported to you that although Square Enix’s PlayStation exclusive title, Final Fantasy XVI, got off to a very good start and was praised by critics as well as players, the software wasn’t perfect either. Because it puts so much stress on Sony keyboards that it heats up excessively, and it’s not a game, because it can cause permanent damage to the hardware in the long run. However, there have also been reports that many people took a break because they got sick.

Final Fantasy 16 players have also reported that the game’s motion blur feature causes nausea and a general malaise during gameplay, severely limiting in some cases how long a person can play. Final Fantasy 16’s main story contains nearly 10 hours of cutscenes and more than 20 hours of gameplay. The main driving force of this game is the combat, which causes a harsh and nauseating experience for some players, due to the effect already mentioned. This is a graphic effect that is often used, among other things, to simulate speed, but many people don’t like it. Therefore, it can be turned off in most programs, but it is not possible in the work of Square Enix.

Did you read this?

These stories spread across social media and the largest social forum, with users vomiting or citing headaches while playing the game. It is not yet known if there will be a solution to this in the near future, at least in the form of a switch, but hopefully the developers will come out with a patch soon and fix the problem. This would only be necessary if the game was well done, and it would be a shame if your gaming experience slipped because of such a ridiculous problem.

We can’t even count how many parts of the final fantasy series have been made, but FFXVI sure promises to be bigger and better than ever! If you’re interested in FINAL FANTASY XVI, A Console World You will find it in the show.

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