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Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

They are already talking about it.

At last week’s TUDUM event, Netflix put together a panel Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades Trilogy) and Alia Bhatt (RRR) also managed to take a seat to talk a bit about their upcoming action movie, Heart of Stone. After Gadot reported it with so much enthusiasm, she didn’t hesitate to mention another popular production of hers, almost revealing the situation with the Red Notice — in which Gadot co-starred. With Ryan Reynolds And With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – In the second part. In principle, the streaming platform will greenlight the project in January 2022, but not much has been known about it since then.

If everything is correct, then the preparation phase is going well, because the script has been completed, which is very important, since the WGA writers’ strike is still going on, so if they don’t have a final script yet, they have to wait for it. However, he’s already been granted access, and he’s also shared that the entire production team is talking about Red Notice 2 – suggesting that filming could begin soon.

“We’re all talking about it. I don’t know if I can say anything! I’ve already read the second script and it’s… AWESOME! We’re so excited about the sequel!”

Also, last year, producers Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia told Collider that they plan to shoot Red Notice 2 and Red Notice 3 right after each other. According to them, this will save a lot of time for everyone involved, but of course the two films will be released at separate times.

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Incidentally, the first Red Bulletin was an unexpected hit on Netflix. After its premiere, it was considered the most watched movie for a long time, while it was also on the Netflix Top 10 list in 94 countries.

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