Esport 1 - all esports in one place!

Esport 1 – all esports in one place!

The entire Rainbow Six Siege community was looking forward to the biggest event, however, due to the austerity measures taken by the French government, it will not take place.

On January 29, the French Prime Minister announced that the country’s borders would be closed to non-European foreigners. The Six Invitational was scheduled to take place in Paris from February 9-21 this year, but is now in its current form, and Ubisoft has released a statement to this effect.

“Over the past week, our partner, Live Nation, has been working continuously and tirelessly to find some solutions to host the event offline, as we had previously planned. Unfortunately, we had to learn again that esports local networks really cannot these days.

As a result, we have no choice but to postpone the Six Invitational 2021 to a later date. While they are clearly frustrated with this, we are now focusing on re-evaluating the situation and looking for alternatives. We know that at this time, fans can’t wait to race and unveil the upcoming novelties of Rainbow Six Siege.

We are still working together and listening to the teams and the organizers because we want to find the best possible solution to the situation. We will soon be able to provide more detailed information, which of course we will share with the community for the 2021 season.

This means that everything that does not happen online remains uncertain, but the question is what can Ubisoft do about the Six Invitational. On the other hand, there is likely to be a competition here or there, and the first information on Year 6 will be released soon.

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