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Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Looks like Nintendo and Universal have blew the bank.

When the Super Mario movie hit theaters a few weeks ago, the critics were They weren’t exactly fainted. However, the public did not seem to take the negative reviews seriously. The animated film has been released for several months, but it is still shown in different parts of the world. It was recently revealed that it was a historic hit, but we didn’t know then that it would soon surpass this too.

This weekend, the young plumbing duo took it one step further. And based on the reports I got to that 1.3 billion Revenue in dollars, which pushed Jégváraz’s first segment from second place on the platform ($1.28 billion). That means there’s only one antagonist left, Elsa again and Frozen Chapter 2, which still holds its spot at $1.45 billion.

naturally Nintendo and the worldwide He hadn’t completely choked on his salvation yet. Not much, but there is still a chance for him to take up the baton. By the way, the animated film is not just ripping in this style. So far in 2023, this opened the best and is now topping all the lists. Moreover, it is also the best grossing game adaptation, but that is not too surprising, knowing the antagonists.

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