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Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Random events: current status and mechanics

When you play the new 2023 Scouting Mission mode, you will definitely not miss any random events. before the event starts You will hear a warning sound, then a red frame will appear around the event area on the map and minimap, after which the countdown will start. You must leave the event area with your car before the timer reaches zero. If you don’t do it in time, your car will be destroyed, but we can change this feature in the future.

Scout Mission 2023 is just one phase in the ongoing development of random events. Some features are for testing purposes only and will not make it to the final version. For example All possible random events (two or three per level) will happen automatically during each battle, each within a specific narrow time frame. This will likely change by the time random events make it to normal battles – they will happen at more random times (or sometimes not at all) and may be triggered by certain gameplay factors.

Since random events are very important for their locations (because they dramatically change the environment during battle), we will pay special attention to their effect on the balance of tracks. The data and feedback gathered during the survey mission will be used to fine-tune existing events and design new ones.

The timing of random events is random, but if an event is triggered, then so It will unfold according to its unique scenario. The order of each event, the location and size of the hazard areas, and the shape of the new covers and lanes will always be the same. So, now you can learn how to play each event, so that you can take advantage of the tactical advantages they offer in the future.

Visuals for random events in Scout Mission are not final yetHowever, its current quality is enough to test the gameplay. When random events are added to normal battles at certain levels, explosions will be more spectacular, fires will burn brighter, and so on.

We understand that random events can put a heavy burden on underperforming systems. By the time they appear in normal battles, we intend to address this by optimizing their system resource usage on all devices, and designing versions for lower end systems that will require less power but will be the same in terms of gameplay.

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