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Enthusiastic fans have already made a lot of discoveries about GTA 6, and now we have news around the Internet.

As you know, more than 90 GTA 6 recordings were leaked in September, which players have been eagerly looking for since then. Of course, Take-Two tried to ban these from as many places as possible, but many people kept them to themselves and used them to research new things. This was, for example, the search for the map, but the search continues also in relation to the online, since we know less about it than about the offline part, although it is also not so much.

More eyes see more, and many clips you watch over and over frame by frame to find out all the information about it. Accordingly, Tez2’s previous credible claim that there will be sessions for 32 people has been confirmed, but it is currently 30. But that only means 30 real players and spectators as usual. So don’t expect much change in this.

Another thing that was visible in the video – which has since been deleted anyway – is that the player picks up another dead body, puts it on his shoulders, and walks around. This is only available as a modification in GTA 5, it seems that it will be a standard function in the new part. So we haven’t learned any world-changing news, but an information-hungry society is very happy about every crumb. We hope that Tez2 is right that the advertising campaign will start this year and we will receive official announcements, photos and even trailers from Rockstar.

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