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We are looking forward to the game! Be a pioneer, even though it’s almost impossible to achieve with a BR game.

It was published in March Fortnite Unreal Editor, with which we can draw entire worlds from scratch almost infinitely. Many of you may have seen path editors, but Unreal Editor is a diverse and deep system that can even be used to build entire games. Five of the legendary streamers now took this into their heads.

TimTheTatMan, SypherPK, NICKMERCS, Ninja and CouRage JD have joined forces in a new project to create a new game that will essentially be a Battle Royale within a Battle Royale… whatever that means. The game, known at the moment only as Project V, is being created with the help of the Unreal Editor, so the team is practically working inside Fortnite, but they will also want to somehow publish the game in standalone form, according to current plans, sometime in 2024.

The Unreal editor is constantly evolving, so we’re not rushing anything. We have huge plans, with unique weapons, a huge track, perfect movement and exciting mechanics. We can’t reveal much about the game yet, but we can tell you a few things differently: it will be Project V is a community game, and everything will depend on your feedback. We believe players also have a say in how the game they spend their time should be like.” – says the Project V website.

On paper, this sounds impressive, but of course we get promises from all the developers. We’re better off if we wait until we can see Project V in action, then we’ll get a clearer picture of what this game will be like.

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