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Dreamhack Masters Winter 2020: Europe

Astralis vs. maneuver

Something special happened Epic Games Store On the side, which seasoned movement watchers aren’t really happy with. The Weekly free video game Nothing but For the king, Which is being distributed to its users for the second time by Epic. Not a year has passed since I managed to pull out of zero for the first time, and now is another time if you missed the last time.

The 2018 indie program simultaneously combines elements of role-playing strategy and roguelike style. For the King’s most convincing argument is that it has amazing replay depth. Every time you start a “new game,” the level, missions, and other events are also switched, so you don’t really have two of the same experience. You can also fight enemy forces alone, in local and co-op online, while adjusting the special abilities of Vikings warriors for maximum effectiveness.

You can add the free game to your libraries until 17:00 on February 11, 2021.

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