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The big announcement could be made as early as May!

As we’ve already excitedly told you, the next few weeks will be filled with all the goodies, like Santa’s putt, game releases and related events, like Summer Game Fest, arriving in succession. With the latter not far away, which takes place on June 8th and is expected to host massive Xbox and Bethesda unveilings, it seems Sony is more focused than ever to deliver a huge event on PlayStation. News has recently surfaced that Mortal Kombat 12 is one of the titles that will take center stage in the event, perhaps sooner than we thought.

If PlayStation, and by extension Sony, wants to move forward, they’ll have to hold an event in May, and according to multiple internal reports, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. So, is Mortal Kombat 12 just weeks away from an official reveal?

Not only are the next few weeks expected to be great, but we can expect fireworks throughout the year, because both PlayStation and Xbox have huge titles ready for release. On Xbox, for example, Starfield, one of the most anticipated games of recent years, may arrive, and on PlayStation we are already looking forward to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. On top of all this, Mortal Kombat 11 grossed a whopping $500 million, so many expected Insiders are reporting a PlayStation show at the end of May, and Mortal Kombat 12 will also be revealed in full at the event. It’s been four years since Part 11, and with the advent of a new Tekken and Street Fighter game, it’s time for a new Mortal Kombat title. Back to the insiders, in the last few weeks Jeff Grob said the PlayStation show will be in May, Nick Stipkal also says the new MK will be shown here, and Jez Corden confirmed the show will be announced in May, so this is still a strong year. You can continue to build muscle!

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