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Esport 1 – All Esports in one place!

Esport 1 - All Esports in one place!

The team was going to finish the season where it started.

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What is the problem with CS:GO Hungarian?

“It’s not just about going to the server, shooting X people and then becoming the best. That’s roughly. 5% of it.”

It will be held from August 26-27, 2022 K&H Hungarian National Esports Championship – Hungarian Open 2021-22: Super Cup Finals are currently in Gamerland. Twelve teams compete in the two-day tournament in the end-of-season tournament with a total prize pool of HUF 500,000, which the teams fought for for nearly a year.

In the tournament, the top 10 in the points table can be automatically located, while 4 other teams can compete for the remaining 2 places in the online consolation elimination system. Prior to the competition, we contacted each participating team with one-on-one interviews, you can read the previous interviews below:

In our last interview, he took first place in the points table Budapest five It was available to us. After the fall season, the team could claim to be champion in the spring season as well, but in the end they had to settle for the silver, but they took first place in the points table. Team members:

  • disgraceful
  • Nissi
  • vF . professor
  • palx (alternative)

For a long time, she topped the points table with a huge advantage, and in the end, ahead of MTK by nearly 2,000 units, collected the most in the whole year, congratulations! Could the team have managed to achieve a more modest result, or is this the goal you set, you want not only to reach the qualification, but also to collect the most points?

“We don’t really look at the points, our goal is to be number one in every cup, and this points system just proves that we are on the right track. Of course, we are also happy to pick the first place holder in the Super Cup.”

The team lost the Spring Finals in overtime from Game 21, while losing the Junior Cup on July 9 in 14 Finals. As painful as any defeat is, is there anything the team has learned from these meetings?

“The Spring Final was really painful, because we lost because of a lot of individual mistakes. However, losing the Junior Cup is not painful at all, it can be scary for other teams, which we can do even with a mixed team that was put together at the last minute. Thanks. Special for SieoO and Nbika for your visit!”

Are you under any pressure? You are a galactic multi-champion, if we only look at the seasons 2v2 or 3v3, does this put an extra burden on you in preparing for the Super Cup?

“Besides the pressure of the core LAN atmosphere, there is no additional burden on us. We know what we are capable of, it is no coincidence that we have dominated the scene for years. This has not been the season of our lives, but now is the time to put an end to the Super Cup and stand up again. where we started.”

What are your goals in the Super Cup, what result would you definitely like to achieve in the competition?

“The goal is only first place, and any other place will be equivalent to defeat.”

Do you already have plans for next season? Will they continue together or will there be a player change?

“We can’t answer that now, we’ll see what the future holds.”

K&H Hungarian National Esports Championship – Hungarian Open 2021-22: Super Cup It will be held between 26-27 August, in Budapest in Gamerland. If you want to follow the matches on the site, that’s it Register as a viewer on this page (Entry is free for all), but meetings can be held online at On the HungarianRLTournaments Twitch channel It can also be shown live.

K&H MNEB is the main supporter of the Digital Wellbeing Program and WH Challenge.

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