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Dreamhack Masters Winter 2020: Europe

Complexity versus maneuverability

The long-awaited Thursday arrived when the latest free video game was released on the Epic Games Store. Galactic Civilizations III campaign is over, you can only buy mega space strategy at big discount, but not without Fortnite. It will be exchanged for Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition for the full seven days, which is a puzzle-based platform game.

The world of salt is on the verge of destruction, but hope is still alive. You have to fight your way with Dendera in the world of special salt, where many secrets and mysteries await you. The gameplay is based on jumping, with the help of each element of the course. Aside from known gravity, the forces in Salton act completely differently. Created by the Long Hat House development team, Dandara is a better-than-average game that was released in February 2018 based on reviews. It can be purchased on Steam for € 14.99, and you can save a lot by buying it in the Epic Games Store for zero forint as part of the limited offer.

This limited promotion runs from 5:00 PM on January 28th until 4:59 PM on February 4th.

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